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KPM Plumbing are the only Brisbane plumber with a Hot Water Jetter, fantastic for blocked drains.

Contact us to see how a hot water jetter can benefit your business.

Blocked drains? KPM Plumbing use the following technology for unblocking drains and camera inspections


For challenging blockages including heavy grease, fat deposits or even ice deposits KPM Plumbing use our hot water jetter machine. A hot water jetter uses a high pressure water stream to clear the blocked drains while leaving your pipes intact as there is no use of corrosive chemicals, better for you and better for the environment. Not only can a hot water jetter unblock drains it also cleans the drain walls, clears grease traps and also sewers.

Drain machine and electric eel

The electric eel is used when we need to unblock stormwater or sewer pipes, either clay or PVC. It comprises of flexible cables and rotating cutting tools that is great for tree roots and soil and leaf matter build up.

CCTV drain camera

CCTV drain cameras are used for inspection purposes when we need to pinpoint the location of a blockage or breakage in stormwater or sewer pipes. This will help determine the best approach to solving your drainage problems and we can show you the exact issue.

Sonar detection

Sonar detection, electronic leak detection and thermal imaging is the perfect tool to be able to locate water leaks. In ground, walls, ceilings and under floors this technology can provide clarity on water leaks without being destructive. Water leaks can be very damaging to property and can go undetected for a very long time.

If your water bills are unexpectedly high or you see damage or hear a leak contact KPM Plumbing on 07 3162 9919 and we can help either put your mind at ease or find the leak and repair it for your promptly.


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